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The bulletin-board idea has some merits (and demerits).  It was actually
put to a vote of the membership, quite a long time ago.  At that time,
there was a unanimous and very strong preference for a continuation of the
plain email list in its present form.

Dominik Wujastyk

On Wed, 17 Apr 2019 at 15:58, Jan E.M. Houben via INDOLOGY <
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> The problem that is attributed to *authors* of messages on the list --
> grown over several decades and much appreciated as a precious medium for
> students and scholars in our domain -- could that be, in part, *also* a
> problem of lack of *organization of the list*, perhaps even more, of the
> *archive*?
> The linearity of the list could then be replaced or supplemented by the
> two-dimensionality of a bulletin board, divided into three main categories
> (each with possible sub-categories): (A) agents and places of indology; (B)
> the process of indology (projects, scholarships, positions); (C) the object
> of indology (questions ranging from: difficult passages, syntactic
> categories, to searches for scans of rare publications, etc etc.).
> Accepted members can choose to react to messages or post their message in
> one of the provided categories, and the message will remain available
> there.
> No need anymore for a message belonging to category (A) to receive a large
> number of comments by those more interested in category (B) or (C), on
> whether or not the message should have been posted or whether it or the
> thread to which it belongs is taking too much bandwidth etc.
> In a bulletin-board setting an interested reader can focus on the required
> category and need not be regretting to have started to read a message that
> does not provide the information seeked for, for instance on scholarships,
> job openings etc.
> As the present list is a private enterprise set up by a visionary
> colleague in the 1990s and administered by volunteering committee members
> (including the undersigned from ca. 2000 to ca. 2012), I have no objection
> to these committee members -- who represent nothing or no-one since they
> are co-opted but not voted for -- taking their own decisions in order to
> keep the list focused on what they perceive and have announced as the
> list's main domains of interest.
> Adding a "donation-button" to the Indology.info website for entirely
> anonymous donations without any obligation and without providing any
> privilege should in the meantime be considered.
> With best regards,
> Jan
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