[INDOLOGY] Anekāntavāda - suggestions?

Raja Rosenhagen raja.rosenhagen at ashoka.edu.in
Tue Apr 16 16:21:04 UTC 2019

Dear all,


Greetings from Ashoka University! 

I am primarily a philosopher, but have a background in Indian Studies
(especially Hindi and Sanskrit). 

As I am currently compiling a reading list on Anekāntavāda, I would love to
receive your suggestions. 


Indeed, every suggestion will be very much appreciated – either via the list
(if you think it is of interest to many) or via personal email (see below)!


Thank you and best wishes,



Raja Rosenhagen

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Ashoka University

raja.rosenhagen at ashoka.edu.in <mailto:raja.rosenhagen at ashoka.edu.in>  


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