[INDOLOGY] Colour symbolism in pre-modern Indic sources

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Dear Dominik,

 I list below some sources for the study of colour semantics in premodern
India. Besides these, there are sections in the kośa-s as well as texts of
alaṅkāra that deal with the polysemy of colour terms. I have written about
the semantics of several individual colour terms in (fairly exasperating)
detail in my PhD thesis, which is (as yet) *asūryaṃpaśyā*. Apologies for
the inconsistent format of citation.

  May I add, I benefited much from the references in footnote 72 in the
volume ‘Studies on Indian Medical History’ that you and the late Jan
Meulenbeld edited, and your students may find them helpful as well.

Warm regards,

Naresh Keerthi

*On olfaction*

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*Colour semiotics in Tamil*

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*Colour semiotics in Sanskrit sources *

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*Journal of Oriental Institute. Baroda.  [I don’t have the details of which
issue from my photocopy, but it can be found from the JOI index available

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