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Dear List members,

I am looking for a paper by Julie Alyssa Hanlon, titled "Early History of Jainism and Migration to South India", published in a journal called Śramaṇa, vol. 64 (3), pp. 1-23.
I have not been able to trace this journal.

In her Chicago dissertation Hanlon writes that the Jainas traveled to Tamilnadu, "utilizing the routes along the eastern coast" (p. 49), without providing any literature other than her own Śramaṇa article. I am particularly intrigued by what she means with "coast" here, as in the coastal areas of Tamilnadu no traces of Jainism (e.g. caves) are found, at least not before the Christian era or the first few centuries AD. I have to add, though, that I am not an archaeologist or art historian, I base myself here on material provided by Hanlon in her dissertation.

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