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> Although it is not quite on tantra, there is a highly interesting
> article in modern Sanskrit on the relationship between Sanskrit
> analysis of poetic metre and Pascal's triangle. I do not have the
> full reference available in my present location, but it may be found
> in the introduction to the late Michael Hahn's edition of the
> ChandoratnAkara

The reference is found on p. 5 f. of Hahn's introduction:

Naya Raj Pant: /Pyāskalena svopajñam iti prakhyāpitam  
pāṭīgaṇitatribhujaṃ Vṛttaratnākaroktaikadvyādilagakriyaiva/ (“The  
arithmetical triangle, claimed to be his own discovery by Pascal, is  
nothing but the /Ekadvyādilagakriyā/ as told in the  
/Vṛttaratnākara/”), published in the first volume of /Jayatu  
Saṃskṛtam/, 1:4 Vikramasaṃvat 2017 (1960), pp. 1-8, Kathmandu.

Roland Steiner

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