[INDOLOGY] question about kings poisoned by wives

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Sat Apr 6 19:24:18 UTC 2019

Dear Friends, To emphasize how careful the king should be even among his
intimates, the Nītisāra presents a series of brief anecdotes about kings
who were assassinated by by their wives and family members for a variety of
reasons (specified concisely by the comm. Jayamaṅgalā). I was wondering if
any of you know these stories in more detail from other sources. These are
the stories of Bhadrasena (killed by his brother hiding in the queen's
quarters), Kārūṣa (killed by his son hiding under his mother's bed), a
certain Kāśirājendra (killed by wife with poisoned rice), Vairūpya (killed
with a poisoned girdle-jem), and Jāruṣya (killed by a small dagger hidden
in the queen's braid). Thanks and all best, भवदीयः,J
Jesse Ross Knutson PhD
Associate Professor of Sanskrit Language and Literature
Department of Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures
University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
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