[INDOLOGY] Sexism and Bias on INDOLOGY governing committee

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Sat Apr 6 08:27:48 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,

It seems to be high time to terminate the debate.
However, I would like to join Professor Falk in asking Dr. Truschke:  
What happened?
I was sure I had missed portrayal of the insulting incidents.
(Of course it's not necessary to name the male person(s).)
I am ashamed to admit that in more than 40 years of my career in indology
I have never experienced sexism nor recognized a sexist case in my academic

With best regards,
Tatiana Oranskaia

Zitat von Nagaraj Paturi via INDOLOGY <indology at list.indology.info>:

> Since the 'specific' instance mentioned by Dr Truschke was pertaining to
> Prof. Dominik Wujastyk's individual message to me that was later brought to
> the notice of the list by Dr Truschke, I thought it may be pertinent to
> share what continued after that message from Prof. Wujastyk to me.
> To that message, I responded to Prof. Wujastyk and the Indology-owner id as
> follows:
> I honour your instruction , Prof. Dominik Wujastyk.
> Prof. Wujastyk responded to me as follows:
> Dear Professor Paturi,
> I'm really grateful for your gracious response.
> As you saw in the INDOLOGY post from Audrey Truschke, she was cross with me
> for writing to you, and she said she doesn't agree that I should have done
> so.  On reflection, I think I was wrong in an important respect respect: I
> didn't check with the other committee members before writing under the
> "committee" name.  And I was a bit impulsive.  My message had nothing to do
> with you personally, in fact.  I was looking at the overall volume of
> messages on the list and thinking about the signal-to-noise ratio of list
> posts.  I also worry about the fact that individual posts to the list
> nowadays append multiple copies of all the previous messages posted on that
> topic.  I personally pay for the storage of all archived messages out of my
> own pocket and also the network bandwidth used by the conversations, which
> rises every year.  So I do have general concerns about conciseness and
> economy of expression in the forum.  I have written to others in the past
> with some of these concerns.  It's probably a Quixotic quest: few people
> today think about these issues of economic data usage, although they were a
> major topic when the internet was new.  Perhaps I'm a dinosour in this
> respect.
> Thank you again,
> With best regards,
> Dominik Wujastyk
> I responded to him and the Indology-owner id as follows:
> Dear Prof. Dominik Wujastyk,
> You need not explain that this far. I understand your good intentions and
> your difficult task and responsibility as the moderator. I did what I
> thought is the best way a member can help the manager run a forum.
> I thought responses such as thanking a member give happiness to the member
> only when done in public. This thought came to me because I several times
> received thanking , admiring and other such positive responses from the
> members as individual mails to me and wondered about what was stopping them
> from making such expressions in public.
> This message from you increased my respect for you since it reveals a great
> gentle and gracious attitude on your part.
> Thanking you for reaching out to me.
> Warm regards,
> Nagaraj
> On Fri, Apr 5, 2019 at 12:53 AM Harry Falk via INDOLOGY <
> indology at list.indology.info> wrote:
>> > to prevent what I
>> > have experienced, internally on the committee,
>> Reading for (precious) hours and trying to find our whether my sense for
>> the meaning of texts in English has vanished into thin air: WHAT has
>> happened? WHO has said what TO WHOM?
>> > Inappropriate, biased behavior
>> This sounds terrible and must certainly be condemned. Maybe US academics
>> know by these terms alone what was said or done, but old-style Europeans
>> do not. Where and how does "biased" start? Name the culprit(s)! Tell how
>> they misbehaved! No quarter, no mercy.
>> Or should we plan for two INDOLOGY lists, one for the ladies and one for
>> men? The question for quota inside the two committees would then be
>> answered.
>> Best,
>> Harry Falk
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