[INDOLOGY] Sexism and Bias on INDOLOGY governing committee

Harry Falk falk at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Apr 4 13:55:44 UTC 2019

> to prevent what I
> have experienced, internally on the committee,

Reading for (precious) hours and trying to find our whether my sense for
the meaning of texts in English has vanished into thin air: WHAT has
happened? WHO has said what TO WHOM?

> Inappropriate, biased behavior

This sounds terrible and must certainly be condemned. Maybe US academics
know by these terms alone what was said or done, but old-style Europeans
do not. Where and how does "biased" start? Name the culprit(s)! Tell how
they misbehaved! No quarter, no mercy.
Or should we plan for two INDOLOGY lists, one for the ladies and one for
men? The question for quota inside the two committees would then be
Harry Falk

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