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Clemency Montelle clemency.montelle at canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Oct 31 05:24:59 UTC 2018

Dear colleagues,

A researcher purchased an original Sanskrit manuscript, date of copying unknown, from a dealer in India, and made photocopies of it.  The original manuscript was then donated to a manuscript library in India. (The manuscript never left India so there is no conflict with the 1972 Antiquities and Art Treasures Act's export restrictions.) The researcher now wants to use some of the photocopied images of the manuscript---which were made while the researcher owned the manuscript---in a publication.

Who needs to give permission for the use of those photocopied images?  The researcher (and past owner of the original manuscript) who made and owns the photocopies, the manuscript library which is the present owner of the original manuscript, or both?

Thanks to any insight anyone might have in this particularly complicated question!

Best wishes,

Dr. Clemency Montelle
Associate Professor
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Canterbury | Te Whare Wananga o Waitaha
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