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Dear Sravana,

I do not think that there is any Indian (Sanskrit) text with this title available to us.

'Kāmrū bījākṣa' is a title reconstructed by Carl Ernst from the Persian translation of this text. See his paper:

'Being Careful with the Goddess: Yoginis in Persian and Arabic Texts'
in Pallabi Chakravorty and Scott Kugle (eds.), Performing Ecstasy: The Poetics and Politics of Religion in India, New Delhi: Manohar, 2009, pp. 189–203.

Kazuyo Sakaki disputed this reconstruction and she offered different reading of the Persian title: Kāmarūpapañcāśikā. See her paper:
'Yogico-tantric Traditions in the Ḥawd al-Ḥayāt', Journal of the Japanese Association for South Asian Studies, 17 (2005): 135–156 (p. 138).


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> Dear All,
> Looking for a copy of the text *Kāmrū bījākṣa* or *The Kāmarūpa Seed
> Syllables*. PDF or leads will be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
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