[INDOLOGY] technical remark (was Soma and Amanita muscaria)

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> Greetings, I am not sure if my last reply was posted or not. Just in case
> it wasn't, here are a few points in reply to previous questions. Best,
> Matthew Clark.
Welcome, Matthew!

For Matthew and for everyone, it's easy to see whether your post has gone
out to the INDOLOGY members or not.  On the indology.info website there's a
link saying that the archive back to 1990 can be browsed
<http://list.indology.info/pipermail/indology_list.indology.info/>.  If you
click that, and click "date" in the top line (the most recent month), you
can look at the most recent posts to the lists.  Any new post is added to
this archive within a few seconds.

It often happens that one is not sure that one hit the right button or that
a post went out correctly to the forum.  This is how you can check for

INDOLOGY committee member.

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