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Dear Patrick,

perhaps you got already enough replies, but just in case: The problem of
"inaccurate" Vedic quotations in the ŚBh was acknowledged already by Garge
in his *Citations in Śabara-Bh**āṣ**ya (A Study) *(1952). My sense is that
a scholar could reuse freely whatever belonged to their school, whereas one
had to be more cautious about quoting from another school. And one's
Vedaśākhā was probably felt as "own" as one's own philosophical school. I
discussed this in my Introduction to the 2015 issue of the Journal of
Indian Philosophy on textual reuse.

Hope this helps! Please keep me updated if you continue working on the



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> Friends:
> I am sure this is a problem we have all encountered. A presumably Vedic
> citation is given in a text, and it cannot be traced. But when such
> citations are given in such an ancient and authoritative text as Śabara’s
> commentary on the Mīmāṃsā Sūtras, however, they raise an issue. What do we
> make of such citations, which, I am sure, Śabara knew to be Vedic. Some of
> these can be traced, as Agrawal (Mīmāṃsā-Uddharaṇa-Koṣa) does, to extant
> texts such as the Śatapatha, but the wording is only approximate.
> So we have
> सुवाससा भवितव्यम् । रूपमेव तेन बिभर्ति (Śabara on PMS 3.4.20)
> traced to ŚBr (Agrawal give, which is an error), but
> there we have: सुवाससा एव बुभूषेत् (rest omitted).
> I wonder whether anyone has thought about this. Thanks.
> Patrick
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