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Artur Karp karp at uw.edu.pl
Mon Oct 22 04:55:48 UTC 2018

Wielce Szanowny Panie Arnoldzie (Arnaudzie does not sound properly Polish),

Należę - zgodnie z Pańskim określeniem - do 'liściarzy' , czy 'listowników'
(listees) i dlatego pozwalam sobie na uwagę w języku, w którym ma sens
stare powiedzenie:

<<robić z igły widły>>

As far as I am concerned this exchange of arguments re ad Hitlerum and
contra-ad Hitlerum is more than a bit dull. Quite boring, frankly speaking.
Threatening to become endless - and, finally, empty.

Robi Pan z igły widły.

There are much more important topics that need be laid on the indological
discussion table - such as the introduction of iron forging technologies
and its consequences in the sphere of cultural politics. Or - such as the
origins of untouchability.

Regards from suddenly coldish Warsaw -

Artur Karp (ret.)
Chair of South Asian Studies
University of Warsaw

2018-10-21 22:58 GMT+02:00 Arnaud Fournet via INDOLOGY <
indology at list.indology.info>:

> To all listees,
> and especially,
> to the team who owns the site and forum,
> I think the current debate and issue is essential,
> and here's why:
> @ you wrote :
> Dear Dr Fournet,
> You have every right to feel fed up with the tendencies you list.  You have
> the right to be offended.  But you do not have the right to express your
> feelings of annoyance in impolite terms in the INDOLOGY forum.
> well, Let's summarize the whole thing:
> so I have the right to whatever, how nice!! how sweet sounding!!
> but, concretely, the Hell cares,
> so no matter how much s*t and m*k the sprinkling system sprinkles in my face, I just have to s*t up.
> Because it's all about the rules (your rules).
> So let's put it otherwise:
> Pt1. you call it "Net-Etiquette"
> Well, as a trueborn Frenchman, I really wonder why your rules bear a French-looking name "Etiquette".
> I'm not far from thinking this is one more piece of abuse added to all the rest spit and spat in my face.
> My piece of advice => find a non-French word for your rules. Thanks.
> In all cases the French word "etiquette" has nothing to do with your rules, in nomine or in spiritu.
> Pt2. You object to my phrase "s*t and m*k sprinkling system",
> but apparently you don't object to other people's Reductio ad Nazismus.
> I guess we really have a problem here, possibly of cultural or philosophical nature.
> You seem to focus more on superficial features than on contents. It's possible that here, we have a deep cultural difference.
> As a trueborn Frenchman, I tend to focus more on contents than on formalistic issues.
> Among other things, that's why in rugby I believe that a SOB's kick in the testicles should be disapproved of, even if it's done Englishways à la gentleman.
> Of course, the Rugby International board thinks otherwise. If it looks à la gentleman, then it's ok.
> SOB's tricks are ok, if they respect surface "Etiquette". Well, I definitely disagree.
> Contents matters more than form, in my world.
> PT3. basically your "Etiquette", whatever that twisted pseudo-French word means, rejects my straightforward description but accepts Reductio ad Nazismus.
> So let me reword what Koenrad Elst's "work" is about:
> Basically, it's a Troyan horse: it looks like a pseudo-historiographical discourse, but the core of the beast is to sprinkle s*t and m*k on Indo-European Studies.
> So, concretely, your "Etiquette", whatever that twisted pseudo-French word means,
> 1. does not promotes (academic) courtesy, it promotes hypocrisy and oblique abusive perversion,
> 2. puts historiography at risk of becoming the playground for hypocritical "s*t and m*k sprinkling systems".
> I definitely believe that the historiography of sciences, and of linguistics in particular, deserves more than becoming the playground where a number of bastards can freely have fun with their "s*t and m*k sprinkling systems".
> As a matter of fact, in France, we have one indigenous exemplar of a "s*t and m*k sprinkling system", namely Jean-François Demoule, an archeologist who writes books on linguistics where he drools at heavy length on how much linguists are half-incompetent, half-nazi, etc.
> As far as you are concerned, his "work" probably passes the test of your "Etiquette",
> but as far as I am concerned, this individual only deserves the worst.
> In all cases, I will not change my mind.
> And I am ready to be banned,
> because I prefer banning to dishonor.
> And, as a last word, change your "Etiquette" for a word that makes sense.
> Arnaud Fournet
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