[INDOLOGY] Belated report on the 17th WSC in Vancouver

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It is more balanced one.
I hope the organisers of WSCs take more care to involve indian scholars  so
that they can see what is happening in other parts. Most western colleagues
will be able to attend wscs held anywhere in the globe. But It is difficult
for Indian collegues to attend them if are held outside India due to
various reasons. Moreover "important" new western papers will escape the
strict scrutiny because there are very less experts outside in many areas.

*Most important thing is we have to collaborate with each other for the
sake of Samskrit rather than being carried away  by screeming.*

we have to work in a manner that helps it grow. We need to concentrate on
serious understanding, serious teaching, help it's spread.

I request to all my western collegues to help  who are really working hard
for Samskrit, if you really want to help Samskrit.

Help the desirous students to study Samskrit properly, rather than to make
superficial studies without any substance. There are somany most urgent
things to in Samskrit studies like preservation of manuscripts, study and
publishing than screeming. Every day we are loosing manuscripts.

Help meritorious students irrespective of caste and creed. Don't
discriminate. But don't support  non-scholars who act like Samskrit
scholars. These are the enemies of Samskrit. They will produce only
non-scholars, chain will continue.

Please do not support the persons who do not/can not teach Samskrit
properly who can't do serious research in Samskrit.

Samskrit studies are shrinking globally as you know very well. It is the
same situation here too. While the field is seeing many new scholars from
other fields, and it is good, we are also seeing long list of incapable
teachers being daily appointed in Samskrit universities/ Samskrit
departments allover India due to various nonsense reasons and political
policies. These teachers will certainly kill Samskrit, if it is not dead
Support these teachers if you too want to see Samskrit dead.
Please come to Indian universities to witness the new age scholars
teaching, you can work with them too. Read Tarkatandava, Vakyapaeeya and
Mahabhashya with them. You will understand it. And I believe many people
crying all these days on this list would like to do it too.

*Or else, wake up, do something for Samskrit.* *Establish libraries, send
your books and articles, come and tell what you reseached, interact, push
Indian government to adopt good policies for Samskrit, because many in
India think that there should be something in Samskrit if Americans are
studying it.*

My message is too belated. Sorry for that.

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> http://chl.anu.edu.au/news-events/news/1035/17th-world-sanskrit-conference-vancouver-2018
> <http://chl.anu.edu.au/news-events/news/1035/17th-world-sanskrit-conference-vancouver-2018>
> The 17th World Sanskrit Conference, Vancouver, 2018 - CHL ...
> <http://chl.anu.edu.au/news-events/news/1035/17th-world-sanskrit-conference-vancouver-2018>
> chl.anu.edu.au
> It is easy to love Vancouver in the summertime: long mild days, trees in
> full leaf and snow on the mountain tops across the water. The University of
> British Columbia campus occupies most of a peninsular that juts out into
> the Strait of Georgia and is fringed by national park that drops down to
> the water’s edge.
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