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It's few years old by now (2004) but vol.9 no.1 of the Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies was a special issue edited by Jan Houben on the Soma-Haoma question, with articles by Jan Houben, C.C. Bakels, Viktor Sarianidi and George Thompson.

It doesn’t seem to be available at present from the EJVS website at http://www.ejvs.laurasianacademy.com/, but Jan’s article is on his academia.edu<http://academia.edu> site at https://www.academia.edu/5425231/The_Soma-Haoma_problem_Introductory_overview_and_observations_on_the_discussion._Electronic_Journal_of_Vedic_Studies_9.1 and there are links to related papers there.

Some people on the list may know whether the rest of the issue is still somewhere on the web.

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Does anyone know of recent philological and pharmacological studies on the identification of soma in the Ṛgveda with Amanita muscaria? I’m aware of older studies by Wasson, Ingalls, Doniger, etc. Any help appreciated.

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