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> I wonder if Telugu tupāki is related to the Marathi word तोफ "cannon."
> The family of one of my ancestors was in charge of cannons in Gwalior and
> earned the family name जिनसीवाले, where, I am told, the word Jinsi refers
> to cannon-balls.

Yes. I believe they are all related. In Telugu *tōp(h)-ḵẖāna* is still used
to refer a storehouse of guns. But  *tōph *used only for canons.  There is
another persian word  *tupak *to refer to a musket. I believe Telugu/Tamil
tupāki came from the Persian word. Another word *tamanca* is also used in
Telugu for pistols, which also has a corresponding word in Persian.

تفنگ *tufang,* A musket
 تپك tupak, A musket
تمنچه tamancha, A pistol.
(From Steingass, Francis Joseph. *A Comprehensive Persian-English

I am not sure, but I think some of these words have a Turkish origin. Other
knowledgeable people on this list perhaps can explain.


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