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Fri Mar 16 09:09:36 UTC 2018

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am very happy to announce the publication of a collection of papers on
Yogācāra-related topics in a special issue of the Journal of Indian Philosophy.
The papers are now available for online preview (with limited access) on the journal's website:


Proceedings of the International Conference "Yogācāra Buddhism in
Context: Approaches to Yogācāra Philosophy throughout Ages and
Cultures" (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, June 19-20, 2015),
special issue of the Journal of Indian Philosophy, 46.2 (2018), ed. by
Jowita Kramer, Constanze Pabst von Ohain and Marco Walther.

Stuart, Daniel. "Yogācāra Substrata? Precedent Frames for Yogācāra
Thought Among Third-Century Yoga Practitioners in Greater Gandhāra."

Habata, Hiromi. "Some Reflections on the Term Sautrāntika in Vinaya
Context: vinayadharaḥ sautrāntikaḥ in the

Schmithausen, Lambert. "Some Remarks on the Genesis of Central
Yogācāra-Vijñānavāda Concepts."

Yamabe, Nobuyoshi. "Ālayavijñāna from a Practical Point of View."

Kramer, Jowita. "Conceptuality and Non-conceptuality in Yogācāra

Moro, Shigeki. "Jayasena's Proof of the Authenticity of the Mahāyāna

Tomlinson, Davey. "The Tantric Context of Ratnākaraśānti's
Philosophy of Mind."

Walther, Marco. "Traces of Yogācāra in the Chapter on Reality
(artha) within a Work on the Paths and Stages by Gling-ras-pa Padma
rdo-rje (1128-1188)."


Best wishes,

Jowita Kramer
University of Munich

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