[INDOLOGY] {Spam?} Abhidharmakosa(bhasya) chapter 6 English translation by Poussin (Ridding/Thomas)

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Dear David,
according to me, following what LVP says in the concerned paragraph (https://archive.org/stream/labhidharmakosat04vasuuoft#page/n5/mode/2up ), this English translation was not published (by « sortit » LVP rather says only that an English translation was produced; if it had been published, I think he would have spoken differently, and the item would have been recorded in Lalou’s almost complete bibliography of LVP) — for me (but I may be wrong) it must have been a kind of ‘working paper’ made by LVP together with Ridding and Thomas during the time he was in Cambridge (viz. during the whole first world war), that he later used for preparing his 1925 publication, like the preliminary (French) translation he says he made in 1913-1914 of the 5th chapter : the latter is said (in the same §) to have been partly printed by J. Istas - I do not see to what LVP refers according to his 1913-1925 bibliography (in the following work - https://archive.org/stream/pts_bouddhismetude_3720-0699#page/n135/mode/2up - printed by Istas in 1913, I only find a portion AK ch. 3; this whole ch. 3 having been published in Bouddhisme. Études et matériaux. Cosmologie…, printed in 1913-14 for the Royal Academy of Belgium but published only later, in London, in 1919, because of the war) - however, an explanation can be found in the intr. to the first vol. of the AK (1923, https://archive.org/stream/labhidharmakosat01vasuuoft#page/n7/mode/2up ) where LVP refers to the “chapter 5 of which the translation was burned in Louvain” (the university library was destroyed together with printing offices attached to it, like J.B. Istas’ one, in 1914): so we can imagine that his 1913-14 the translation of the 5th chapter was in course of publication by Istas, and that proofs were printed for a part before being lost (LVP keeping his typescript).
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> Le 14 mars 2018 à 04:32, David and Nancy Reigle via INDOLOGY <indology at list.indology.info> a écrit :
> Louis de La Vallée Poussin, on the first page of his Avant-propos to Tome IV of his French translation of the Abhidharmakośa, refers to an English translation of chapter 6 that he made in collaboration with Miss Ridding and E. J. Thomas. Because of this collaboration, he says, the English equivalents were very carefully researched. I have never been able to find where this English translation of this chapter was published. Neither Leo Pruden nor Lodro Sangpo give a bibliographic reference to it in their English translations of Poussin's entire French translation. Can someone point me to it? Thanks.
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