[INDOLOGY] workshop: Dynamics of Female Agency in Buddhism and Hinduism at SAI, Heidelberg University

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Mon Jun 25 20:50:35 UTC 2018

Dear colleagues,

if you are in the area, we'd be happy to welcome you at the workshop

  Dynamics of Female Agency in Buddhism and Hinduism

/date/: 2.-3.7.2018

/location/: Heinrich Zimmer Lesesaal, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg 


    *Day 1: 2.7.2018*

9:30-10:00 *William Sax* (Director of the South Asia Institute): /Welcome /

*    Ute Hüsken:*/Introduction/

/Session 1.1/

Chair: *Rahul Mukherji* (South Asia Institute)

10:00-10:45*Amy Langenberg*(Eckerd College, Florida)

/Modalities of Female Agency at Peace Grove Institute, Lumbini, Nepal/

10:45-11:30*Ute Hüsken*(South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University)

/Tradition, Innovation, and Resistance? //Training Girls in Vedic Rituals/

/Session 1.2/

Chair: *Astrid Zotter* (AdW Heidelberg)

12:00-12:45*Antoinette E. DeNapoli*(Texas Christian University)

/"The Satis are Rising!" A Female Guru's Quest for Gender-Based Justice 
in Contemporary India/

/Session 2.1/

Chair: *Jörg Gengnagel* (Würzburg University)

14:00-14:45*Priyanka Ramlakhan*(University of Florida, Gainesville)/

/                Hindu Women’s Ritual Agency in Trinidad/

14:45-15:30*Valeriya Gazizova *(Cambridge University)

/Female religious specialists in Kalmykia: custodians or reformers of 
traditional cosmology?/

/Session 2.2/

Chair: *Michael Radich* (Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies)

16:00-16:45*Elena Valussi*(Loyola University Chicago)

/Gender difference and gender equality for Buddhist women in early 20th 
century China/

16:45-17:30 concluding discussion of day 1

    *Day 2: 3.7.2018*

/Session 3.1/

Chair: *Christiane Brosius* (Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies)

10:00-10:45*Tarini Bedi (*University of Illinois at Chicago)

/Body-Politics and the Gendered Politics of Hindu Militancy: Shiv Sena 
Women and Political Agency in Western India/

10:45-11:30*Iselin Frydenlund*(MF Norwegian School of Theology)

/Buddhist radicalism: a vehicle for female empowerment?/

/Session 3.2/

Chair: *NN*

12:00-12:45*Shefali More*(Heidelberg University)

/Women’s rights to enter in places of Hindu worship/

/Session 4.1/

Chair: *Hans Harder* (South Asia Institute)

14:00-14:45*Martin Seeger*(University of Leeds)

/Female Buddhist practitioners in late 19th and 20th century Thailand 
and the path to awakening/

14:45-15:30*Vasudha Narayanan*(University of Florida, Gainesville)

/Sharing Bhakti, Singing Devotion:Women Teachers and Narrative Exponents 
in the Hindu Diaspora/

/Session 4.2/

Chair: *Borayin Larios* (EHESS/South Asia Institute)

16:00-16:45*Caroline Starkey*(University of Leeds)

/Buddhist Practice vs Feminist Politics? British Buddhist Women 
Navigating Gender Equality, Inequality, and the spaces in-between/

16:45-17:30 concluding discussion of day 2


Prof. Dr. Ute Hüsken
Head of the Department
Cultural and Religious History of South Asia (Classical Indology)
South Asia Institute
Heidelberg University
Im Neuenheimer Feld 330
69120 Heidelberg

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