[INDOLOGY] Seeking help with problem compiling word index in Pages

Giles Hooper giles.r.hooper at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 03:29:51 UTC 2018

Dear List Members

I have been compiling a Word Index for some translations I have been doing
for my PhD thesis. The word entries are in transliterated roman with
diacritical marks.

I use a Mac and have been compiling the list in a Table using Apple's word
processing software, Pages. Unfortunately, that software does not allow me
to go beyond 1000 rows which I wasn't told before I started. I have reached
that limit and have only completed half the index. A search on the internet
has not turned up anything about how, if at all, I can extend the Table. I
obviously can't start a new Table and continue with that at the end of the
one I've already finished.

I assume I will now have to resort to some specific software for compiling
a simple Word Index and transfer the material I have already compiled into
the new software.

1. Am I correct in my assumption or is anyone aware of a way I can continue
to use the Table I have already started in Pages?

2. Can any list member with experience in compiling word indexes recommend
any software that is straightforward to use and Mac compatible?

3. What other options might I have?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Yours in hope

Giles Hooper
PhD Candidate
University of Sydney

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