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Dear Arlo,

many thanks for this.

I gave it a quick look and it does not appear to have any information
directly relevant to the supposed sīmā/uposathagāra which the Mahā Bodhi
Society should have had established within the premises of the
Mūlagandhakutivihāra, from what I understand. The vihāra was and is under
the administration of Sri Lankan monks of the Siam Nikāya (I do not know
which sub-chapter as of now). 

Upinder Singh’s The Idea of Ancient India: Essays on Religion, Politics, and
Archaeology might also have relevant information, and I am waiting for a
copy to reach our library.

Other publications concerned with Anagārika Dharmapāla inheritance (broadly
understood) do not seem to include such details, but I haven’t checked the
recent The Lion’s Roar, Anagarika Dharmapala and the Making of Modern
Buddhism by Sarath Amunugama (Vijitha Yapa Publications, Sri Lanka, 2016).

Based on eye-witness accounts, there appears to have been an unfinished
uposathagāra/sīmā in the early seventies and an actual uposathagāra/sīmā in
existence in the nineties, but the details of the construction are not known
to me.

I hope the archive of the Maha Bodhi Society might have some relevant
document, but have not been able to receive a response from them so far.

Many thanks again and best wishes,



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Dear Dhammadinna,


Could this be relevant?


Singh, Upinder. 2010. “Exile and Return: The Reinvention of Buddhism and
Buddhist Sites in Modern India.” South Asian Studies 26 (2):193–217.


I am trying to attach the pdf (2.8 MB), hope it comes through.


Best wishes,


Arlo Griffiths





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Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

does anyone have access to archival information or secondary sources on the
history of the establishment, inauguration and historical use of the
uposathagara/sima of the Sarnath centre of the Maha Bodhi Society?

Images (including contemporary) would also be most welcome.

With thanks in advance and all best wishes,


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