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Dhvani Workshop, New Delhi

March 4-8, 2018

Organized by

The Abhyas Trust, New Delhi

The Abhyas Trust invites applications for a week-long Workshop on the
Dhvani Theory from March 4-8, 2018,  at New Delhi.

The workshop will commence with a public lecture by Prof C Rajendran,
titled Resonance Beyond: The Aesthetics of Dhvani, at the Gulmohar Hall,
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, on 3rd March 2018, at 7 p.m.

About the Workshop

This workshop will principally include a close textual reading of
selections from the Dhvanyāloka of Ānandavardhana—the celebrated work on
Indian literary theory—together with the Locana commentary of
Abhinavagupta. The Dhvanyāloka deals with the entire gamut of signification
in poetic language, arguing that great literature always communicates
through suggestion (dhvani). Another salient feature of the work is that it
offers a broad-based aesthetic theory relevant in other art forms like
music, drama and painting. The workshop will focus on select passages of
the text and explain its sense in English putting Ānandavardhana’s work in
proper perspective. The aim of the workshop is to familiarize the
participants with core themes in the text of the Dhvanyāloka so that the
necessary theoretical background could be created to explore its aesthetic
dimensions, which could broaden their horizons of thought and enhance their
artistic sensibilities as creative artists and connoisseurs of art.

Deadline for Application:  Tuesday 30 January, 2018

Program and Faculty

Professor C. Rajendran, University of Calicut, Calicut will be the
principal instructor. We are also expecting a few other experts of Indian
aesthetics to join us. The morning and afternoon sessions will include the
readings of the text in Sanskrit followed by special lectures in the
evening by various experts in the field of Indian aesthetics. The seminar
will be held in English and readings will be circulated in advance. The
workshop will be preceded by a special lecture by Prof Rajendran on the
topic Resonances Beyond: The Aesthetics of Dhvani on 3rd March 2018 to set
the workshop in motion. This special lecture will also serve as an
introduction to the workshop and all participants are mandatorily expected
to attend. There will also be an evening lecture by Prof. Parul Dave Mukerji
(Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi) who will talk about the Indian
aesthetics from the lens of comparative aesthetics. A special performance
will also be organized during the workshop.

Confirmed Scholar Participants

Prof. Parul Dave Mukerji, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Dr. Mrinal Kaul, Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, Manipal,

Selection Criteria

Though a rudimentary knowledge of the Sanskrit language on part of the
participants would definitely help, the workshop does not presuppose any
theoretical background of textual scholarship. We seek interested research
students and scholars from across India and abroad. The selection will be
made based on the strength of the application. We cannot accept more than
25 participants  and the priority will be given to the applications from
research scholars in disciplines or with experience in Sanskrit,
Philosophy, Aesthetics, Yoga, Performing Arts, Religion and Literature.
There will be a participation fee for all participants. Applicants will be
informed about the decision of selection after the deadline of application.

Location and Accommodations

The event will be held at Studio Abhyas, 112 Anand Lok (basement), New
Delhi. Centrally located in South Delhi, the studio is close to all the
major cultural venues of the capital and easily accessible; it is also
close to the Metro line. A registration fee will be charged that includes a
working lunch, tea/coffee with snacks for the five days of the workshop.
Travel cost will not be reimbursed. Unfortunately, we are not in a position
to offer accomodation.

Registration Fees

Registration is mandatory for attending the workshop. No participation
without due registration will be allowed.

Regular Participants: Rs. 4000

Student Participants: Rs. 3000

Application Information

Applications should include the following, preferably sent as PDFs:

1. Description of research interests and their relevance to the topic of
the workshop (max. 300 words)

2. Brief Curriculum Vitae / resume highlighting relevant skills, experience
and training.

Applications should be sent to:

Navtej Johar

(Convenor-Workshop on the Dhvani Theory)

Studio Abhyas

F 27 Green Park, New Delhi 110016


email: <info at abhyastrust.org>

Tel +91-981-888-2918

For more information please contact Studio Abhyas

Mrinal Kaul, Ph.D.
Coordinator - Centre for Religious Studies (CRS)
Assistant Professor - Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities (MCPH)
Dr TMA Pai Planetarium Complex
Alevoor Road, Manipal 576 104
Karnataka, INDIA
Tel +91-820-29-23567 Extn: 23567
email: mrinal.kaul at manipal.edu

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