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Dear colleague, the articles are still under copyright, if not of the journal / book, then under that of the author. Incidentally, a volume with  selected articles by H.W. Bodewitz on the themes “Yonder world” and “Vices and virtues” is under preparation and will include the two articles you mentioned, and in addition 21 others, some of which more difficult to find.
Jan Houben

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Dear colleagues,

I'm writing in the hope that someone might be able to share with me a pdf of either or both of the following articles by H. W. Bodewitz, both from 1996:

"Redeath and its relation to rebirth and release", Studien zur Indologie und Iranistik 20: 27-46.

"The pañcāgnividyā and the pitṛyāna/devayāna", in A.K. Goswami & D. Chutia (eds) Studies on Indology, Delhi: 51-57.

Many thanks in advance!


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