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Tue Feb 27 04:11:05 UTC 2018

 Please buy the book from this online store

The book costs Rs 200.00 that would be less than $4.00.

I wonder why PDF of popular books that are printed by thousands should be
shared . I understand if PDF of books which rare, out of print or not
easily available in a particular country or library are shared.
Ajit Gargeshwari

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To All,
 I am grateful to Prof. Van Bijlert for helping me with the publisher's
name for the book IshaBashyaUpanishad'. I accessed the publisher I.e.Vivek
Hamsa Prakasana,Bangalore for the book.However ,at present it is  out of
         In such an eventuality  ,    Can anybody kindly help me with a PDF
copy of IshaBashyaUpanishad' by Swami TyagishaAnanda,If at all available?.

   Alakendu Das

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