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Charles Hallisey
Harvard Divinity School

Dear Sir,

The message about the sad and untimely death of Steven Collins circulated
by you has been sent to me by Dr. N. Saha.
I did not have the opportunity of being acquainted with Professor Collins;
but many years ago, his first major work S*elfless Persons* was reviewed by
me in *Journal of Indian Philosophy *which was then being edited by Bimal
Krishna Matilal; and I
found it to be an admirable work on *Nairatmyavada *as developed in
Theravada Buddhism. The sad demise of Professor
Collins has created a gap that will not be easily filled up.

With regards,

Prabal Kumar Sen

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Dear colleagues,

Since apparently nobody reported about the extremely sad news of the sudden
passing of Steven Collins, I allow myself to forward the message posted
this morning by Charles Hallisey on H-Buddhism.

*Notice> Steven Collins (1951-2018)

by Charles Hallisey

I write, with a shock, sadness, and grief beyond any words that I know, to
pass on the news that Steven Collins has died suddenly in New Zealand,
where he had just gone to teach a special series of seminars.

Steven Collins was many things to many of us.  He was, of course, Chester
D. Tripp Professor in the Humanities in the Department of South Asian
Languages and Civilization at the University of Chicago.

But to me, he was, above all, my friend.

The Buddha was right when he said that life is uncertain, death is certain,

but Marx was also right when he said that death is hard for the living,

Charles Hallisey
Harvard Divinity School

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