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Dear all,

This is indeed an intricate question, which requires further investigation.
Regarding the Kashmirian recension, allow me to draw your attention on the
ongoing project undertaken by Judit Törzsök and myself of editing (with new
manuscript material) and translating  Abhinavagupta’s Giitaarthasamgraha on
the Kashmirian Giitaa. A co-signed paper on the topic has recently been
published in the *Journal of Indian Philosophy*:

Bansat-Boudon, Lyne et Judit Törzsök (2018). « Abhinavagupta on the
Kashmirian Gītā. Announcement of the First Critical Edition of the
Gītārthasaṃgraha, with the Reconstruction of the Text of the
Kashmirian Gītā
as Abhinavagupta Probably Read It and a French Translation of Both Texts ».
In : Journal of Indian Philosophy 46.1, p. 31–64.

The paper is on line on each author’s Academia page.

With best regards,

Lyne Bansat-Boudon

Professor Dominik Wujastyk <http://ualberta.academia.edu/DominikWujastyk>

Singhmar Chair in Classical Indian Society and Polity

Department of History and Classics <http://historyandclassics.ualberta.ca/>
University of Alberta, Canada

South Asia at the U of A:


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> Since this topic has come up, it may be worthwhile to point out that
> Jivaram Kalidas Shastri published two different versions of the BG. The
> 1937 edition is based on a manuscript having 21 additional verses over the
> standard 700. In 1941 he published an edition based on a different
> manuscript that he had discovered in the interim having 745 verses. I do
> not know which one of the two Gondal editions, of 1937 or of 1941, is based
> on the manuscript that Dominik described.
> Best regards,
> David Reigle
> Colorado, U.S.A.
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