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There is an old discussion on other recensions of Gita than the popular


One fine scholar Prof. Vishal Agarwal said on another list during the
discussion on the so called 'original Bhagavadgita' as follows:

The critical text of Gita recording all textual variants has already been
published within the MBH critical text by BORI, and the same has been
published separately. In addition, Vasudeva Sharan Agrawala published a
Hindi as well as an English translation of this critical text noting the
major textual variants in footnotes.
The opinion of Dr Belvalkar was that the extra 14 odd verses in the
Kashmirian recension were later editions (something that I disagree with),
but he was also firm that the Suddha Dharma Mandala version containing 745
verses in 26 chapters was also fake. He was also of the firm opinion that
the Geetamaana shlokas giving the extent of the Geeta were also later
insertions because the manuscript authority does not support their
If one counts the verses using the letter count of anushtup as the basis,
and also count the letters of 'shri bhagavan uvaacha' etc., then you come
close to 743 (I did that exercise a few years back, but it might not have
been 100% accurate, although close to it). Some of the so called Kashmirian
verses are also found in the extant portion of Bhaskarabhatta's commentary.
In one case, he notes 5 extra verses  that occur in the 3rd chapter, but
says, "These verses are found only in the Samkhyan commentaries of the Gita,
and therefore we will not comment on them." In the Shri Vaishnava
tradition, Venkatanatha notes that these same 5 verses were accepted by
Narayanarya, following the commentary of Yadava Prakasha.
Dr Veda Vyasa too published a 745 verse version of the Gita, which is not
much dissimilar from the Gondal version published earlier. Those who have
seen the 'unique manuscript' on which the Gondal edition was based state
that the orthography is modern Devanagari even though the paper on which is
written is old.
I have eCopies of the Gondal edition, E Vedavyas edition as well as the
Suddha Dharma Mandala editions, but I am not convinced entirely of their
On the other hand, there are texts that attribute to the Gita things that
are not found therein. For instance, the Brihatkathashlokasamgraha of
Buddhaswamin quotes a passage and says that it is from our Bhagavad Gita,
but it is not present therein.
I have also read that the manuscript library of the Baroda Oriental
Institute has an old commentary Lasiki on the Gita, that incorporates
within it a preShankara commentary of Vasugupta (~500 AD ?).

On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 7:31 AM, patrick mccartney via INDOLOGY <
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> Dear Dominik, this is a fascinating story and interesting lead. Please let
> me know if you find that book in a box.
> Patrick
> On Mon., 16 Apr. 2018, 9:00 am Dominik Wujastyk, <wujastyk at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Dear Patrick,
>> In 1937 the editor and scholar Jivaram Kalidas Shastri published an
>> augmented Bhagavadgita (worldcat permalink
>> <http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/18183358>).  I've got a copy in a box
>> somewhere.  I went to Gondal in the early 90s (with Peter Schreiner), and
>> met Jivaram's son, Ghanashyamji, and we discussed his father's work and
>> legacy.  The 1937 Bhagavadgita publication was based on a birchbark
>> manuscript of the work that was - if I recall - given to Jivaram by someone
>> in Varanasi.  The MS still exists, and is today in the library of the
>> Gujarat Ayurvedic University in Jamnagar, together with all of Jivaram's
>> extensive MS collection.  I visited Jamnagar on the same trip, and examined
>> the Bhagavadgita MS that was behind the edition.  It was transparently a
>> forgery.  That is to say, it was a modern production, physically speaking,
>> and plainly so.  The birchbark pages were made of pieces cut very squarely
>> and glued together in a patchwork, and the handwriting was large and
>> student-like.  Since Jivaram was an experienced MS collector and editor, I
>> am surprised that he took the object seriously as a new and important
>> manuscript.
>> The publication claims to contain verses that appear in no other
>> transmitted version of the Gita, and therefore to be a better and more true
>> version of the sacred work.  I haven't checked, but it is possible that
>> your verse is in that version of the Gita.
>> Best,
>> Dominik
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>>> Hello,
>>> I'm curious about this quote as I am writing about the use of phrases
>>> related to ,,journeys to self,,. In a google search for examples, I came
>>> across this
>>> "Yoga is the journey of the self , through the self, to the self ~ The
>>> Bhagavad Gita"
>>> Might anyone know which chapter and verse this translation is? I do not
>>> recognise it.
>>> Thanks, Patrick
>>> https://www.downtownyoga.net/single-post/2016/09/26/Yoga-
>>> is-the-journey-of-the-self-through-the-self-to-the-self-
>>> The-Bhagavad-Gita
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