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Hi Raffaele, Just to clarify, I wasn't advancing a position, but simply
drawing your attention to the article (on vyakti) I sent you. Best,J

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> Sorry for taken up this trend again, but I wish to acknowledge some
> interesting responses received *after* my last reply:
> Jesse Kutson suggests (after Pollock) that camatkṛti in DhvĀ might be an
> interpolation. Yes, in principle anything might be an interpolation. Only,
> apart from the mechanical inclusion into the text of a scribal gloss, a
> conscious interpolation should have a motivation. In the case at issue, kiṃ
> prayojanam?
> Ashok Aklujkar corrects my Indhu- to Indu (of course, Ashok you are
> right...)
> Madhav Deshpande points out that in Marathi, words related to Sanskrit
> camatkāra have ‘wonder’ as their central meaning (along with other
> interesting shades). In fact, this would have been my second question: why
> practically in all modern Indic languages the words related to camatkāra
> mean “wonder, surprise, astonishment”, while it is not so with the Trika
> authors who introduced this word into philosophical-aesthetic terminology.
> Contrary to the communis opinio, I am convinced that the meaning of
> camatkāra in all Utpaladeva-Abhinavagupta-Kṣemarāja’s works has nothing (or
> at least very little) to do with ‘wonder’.
> Warm regards
> Raffaele
> Il giorno 13 apr 2018, alle ore 21:12, Ashok Aklujkar <
> ashok.aklujkar at> ha scritto:
> Dear Raffaele,
> >David Mellins refers me to Pratīkāra-Indhurāja’s commentary on Bhāmaha’s
> Kāvyālaṃkārasaṃgraha for a pre-Ānanda occurrence of camatkāra, quoting De
> about the date of Pratīkāra-Indhurāja. I rather cling to the position of
> Kane, who after a lenghty discussion arrives at a later date (925-950). And
> even later, if we identify Pratīkāra-Indhurāja with the Indhurāja who
> taught the Dhvanyāloka to Abhinava.<
> Should the phrasing not be "Pratīhārendu-rāja's [note transliteration]
> commentary on Udbhaṭa’s Kā….”
> a.a.
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