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It is in the introductory portion of the Vedārthadīpikā (com. to the Sarvānukramaṇī) which was not included in the Anecdota Oxoniensia ed. by  Macdonell ;  a provisory edition of the vv. 25-56ab of the text was provided by F. Max Müller in his Hist. of Ancient Sanskrit Lit., see p. 238 line 8, here
For another (this time complete, but rare) edition of the text, see
Kātyāyanīya-R̥ksarvānukramaṇī : Ṣadguruśiṣya-viracitayā kṛtsnavṛttyā sahitā <http://copac.jisc.ac.uk/search?title=K%C4%81ty%C4%81yan%C4%ABya-R%CC%A5ksarv%C4%81nukrama%E1%B9%87%C4%AB%20%3A%20%E1%B9%A2adguru%C5%9Bi%E1%B9%A3ya-viracitay%C4%81%20k%E1%B9%9Btsnav%E1%B9%9Btty%C4%81%20sahit%C4%81>, / sampādakaḥ Vijayapālaḥ, Kalakattā : Sāvitrodevī Bāgariya Ṭrasṭa 1985

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> Friends:
> Can anyone help me identify this citation from Ṣaḍguruśiṣya? I could not find it in his commentary of Kātyāyana’s Sarvānukramaṇī (but I only have Macdonnell’s edition, which only has extracts. I also could not find it in his commentary on the Aitareya Brāhmaṇa.
> Thanks.
> Patrick
> यथाह षड्गुरुशिष्य: । 
> ऋक्पादबन्धो गीतिस्तु साम गद्यं यजुर्मतम् । इति।
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