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Dear Andrey,

Nowadays it is also worth consulting for prosopographical
queries such as yours.  There is an entry on Vaidyanātha Tatsat
<>, with some
bibliography.  This may or may not provide information new to you, but as a
resource it is growing rapidly.  And you may sign up and make your own


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> Dear list members,
> I would be very thankful if anyone could direct me to any biographical etc
> sources on Vaidyanaatha Tatsat, who - among many other texts - has composed
> the Ala.mkaaracandrikaa on the Kuvalayaananda. The NCC (vol 32) lists a
> great variety of texts attributed to the author, none of which (apart from
> the above) is available to me. It mentions further that he was a son of
> someone Raamacandra (this info is, in fact, found in the concluding verses
> of the Ala.mkaaracandrikaa) and grandson of Vi.t.thala Bha.t.ta . Any clues
> on these?
> Any hints for possible directions of inquiry would be very much
> appreciated!
> best regards,
> Andrey Klebanov
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