[INDOLOGY] Lucid dreaming in Sanskrit?

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Dear Martin,

While there doesn't seem to be much related to 'lucid dreaming' in this new
book (2018) by Leanne Whitney, it appears to be a fascinating comparison
between CJ Jung and Patañjali that might add something to this discussion

All the best,

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On Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 7:01 PM, Matthew Kapstein via INDOLOGY <
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> Dear Martin,
> In my article "The Illusion of Spiritual Progress" (found here:
> https://www.academia.edu/9972609/Selected_Articles_on_
> Tibetan_Religion_11th-13th_c  ), I considered
>  a puzzling work called the MAyAdhvakrama, and now only available in
> Tibetan,
> in which the practice of lucid dreaming is quite clearly mentioned. At the
> time I wrote the article (early 90s),
> as will be seen in the notes, I was already dubious about the text's
> authenticity and I have since
> become certain that it is a 12th c. Tibetan apocryphon (though I've not
> yet published my arguments
> demonstrating this to be so).
> Many Tibetan sources cite the traditions of the Pancakrama of NAgArjuna
> and the Advayavijayatantra as the
> authorities for the practice. I have not investigated whether or not this
> is supported by bona fide Indian sources,
> however. (The mUla of the Pancakrama does not, I think, clearly reference
> lucid dreaming, but I haven't examined
> all the related literature by any means.) The CAryamelApakapradIpa,
> expertly studied by my colleague
> Christian Wedemeyer, has one passage (248-252 in the trans.) that perhaps
> hints at lucid dreaming,
> but it would be difficult to make a strong case for it.
> hope this helps,
> Matthew
> Matthew Kapstein
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> The University of Chicago
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