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Dear Cezary,

what's the source of your reference? I think that this book has never been published. Katharine Smith Diehl (not Dielh) died in 1989. She was able to prepare for publication only the first volume of her work (planned for nine volumes): http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/233927351.

All her mss are held in the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (Uni of Texas), you should probably contact this Center and ask them. I have seen a few references to other volumes, but they were always quoting a typewritten material, not a printed book.


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> Dear Colleagues,I've been trying in vain to get access to a rather rare book: Katharine S. Dielh, Jesuits, Lutherans and Printing Press in South India (Printers and Printing in the East Indies, vol. III), 1996. I would appreciate if anybody could share a pdf or otherwise help...
> Cezary Galewicz
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