[INDOLOGY] Language of the Snakes

Andrew Ollett andrew.ollett at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 13:41:11 UTC 2017

Dear INDOLOGY-ists,

I have recently been told that "Language of the Snakes," my book about
Prakrit in the "South Asia Across the Disciplines" series, is now available
from the University of California Press:


You will notice that you can either buy the physical book ($39.95) or
download it ($0.00). It is an open-access publication supported by UC
Press' "Luminos" program, and the digital version is released under a
Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

I won't summarize it, since you can read an abstract on the website, and
download the whole book, but I will take this opportunity to refer you all
to a verse in the *Chappaṇṇayagāhāo*:

*jō sakkayaṁ na yāṇaï suvisuddhaṁ pāiyaṁ pi vottuṁ-je*
*mōṇaṃ tu tassa saraṇaṁ nīsaraṇaṁ ahava parisāe*


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