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   To All,

          Presently I am going through a discourse on Buddhist philosophy based on the writings of Sri HaraPrasad Shastri,a mid-late 19th century Bengali scholar . On the Chaptert on 'NIRAVANA' i came across a qoute from Buddha himself,which has  been found in a certain Pali text(name not mentioned) .Buddha's qoute -roughly translates as follows - 

  Question- What is that which remains  after Nirvana?

  Buddha-    Nothing.

  Question- What is that which DOES NOT remain after Nirvana?


  Buddha-    Nothing.

  Question- Is there any state existing in BETWEEN the above two.?

  Buddha-  Nothing.

  Question-Is there any state existing APART from the above ?

  Buddha- Nothing.

                 Can anybody kindly  refer to the Pali text where this qoute occurs? I am interested because this qoute of Buddha has a unique identity with Shankara's Adwaitya Philisophy. Can it be in some text by Nagarjuna...or Asanga ?

                                                ALAKENDU DAS.





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