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Dear colleagues,

I thank Prof. Jonathan Silk for sending me a PDF file of the 72 paged
edition of the Samādhirāja-sūtra. On receiving the file, I realised that I
myself possess a paper copy of it. It is a totally incomplete edition.

Sanskrit manuscripts from Nepal consist generally of more than two hundreds
folios, and the Gilgit manuscript, the Chinese translations (No 639
consists of 10 scrolls) and a Tibetan one (Pk. No. 0795, mdo sna tshogs,
thu 1b1-185a8 ) are all "voluminous".

I wonder whether there is any project of making a new edition of this very
old and important Mahāyāna scripture --- I mean a critical edition of the
whole text but not of one or two chapters done by such as Regamey and

Also, in this connection, I announce that our institute (IRIAB) is going to
publish a colour-facsimile edition of the Gilgit manuscript of this text,
ed. by N. Kudo et al., in the near future.

With best regards,

Seishi Karashima

2017-11-28 17:17 GMT+09:00 Seishi Karashima <skarashima at gmail.com>:

> Dear colleagues,
> I am seeking a PDF copy of the following book:
> समाधिराजसूत्रम् = Samādhirāja-Sūtram for the first time edited by Rai
> Çarat Chandra Dās and Harimohan Vidyābhūshan(Buddhist Texts of the Northern
> and Southern Schools, Series no. 4)The Buddhist Text Society of India, 1896.
> With thanks for your help in advance,
> Seishi Karashima

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