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Dear Karl-Stephan,

For #1, some of the following may be useful (caveat: I have not yet read
all of these):
Barbato, Melanie. 2017. *Jain Approaches to Plurality: Identity As Dialogue*.
Leiden ; Boston: Rodopi Bv Editions.

Bhatt, Bansidhar. 1978. *The Canonical Nikṣepa: Studies in Jaina Dialectics*.
Leiden: Brill.

Dixit, K. K. *Jaina Ontology*. 1st ed. . Lālabhāī Dalapatabhāī
Granthamālā ; 31. Ahmedabad: LDInstitute of Indology, 1971.

Flügel, Peter. “Power and Insight in Jaina Discourse.” In *Logic and Belief
in Indian Philosophy*, edited by Piotr Balcerowicz, 85–217. Delhi: Motilal
Banarsidas, 2010. http://eprints.soas.ac.uk/8209/.

Matilal, Bimal Krishna. 1981. *The Central Philosophy of Jainism
(Anekanta-Vada)*. Ahmedabad: LD Institute of Indology.

Sharma, Arvind. “The Relationship of Jain Epistemology to Its Ontology and
Soteriology.” *Jain Journal* 14 (80 1979): 64–67.

Soni, Jayandra. 1997. “Philosophical Significance of the Jaina Theory of
Manifoldness.” In *Philosophie aus interkultureller Sicht = Philosophy from
an intercultural perspective*, 7:277–87. Studien zur interkulturellen
Philosophie. Amsterdam ; Atlanta, GA: Rodopi.

For #2, perhaps you already know of Kendall Folkert's Harvard
dissertation, *Two
Jaina Approaches to Non-Jainas: Patterns and Implications*, almost all of
which was printed (in a form edited and re-ordered by John Cort) in *Scripture
and Community: Collected Essays on the Jains, (*Atlanta, Ga.: Scholars
Press, 1993). This is mostly concerned with texts involving Jain accounts
of 363 rival doctrines, and doxographies beginning with Haribhadra; it
doesn't involve much "historical context" if you mean material beyond
doctrinal texts. But some of the other essays in that collection provide
some social history that might be relevant.

Here are some other potentially helpful references, again mostly relating
to doctrine:

Bollée, W.B. “Adda or the Oldest Extant Dispute Between Jains and Heretics
(Sūyagaḍa 2,6),” in *Studies in Jain History and Culture: Disputes and
Dialogues*, ed. Peter Flugel. London; New York: Routledge, 2006.

       ------------. “Adda or the Oldest Extant Dispute Between Jains and
Heretics (Sūyagaḍa 2,6), Part Two,” *Journal of Indian Philosophy*, 27
(411–437), 1999.

Deleu, J. “Lord Mahāvīra and the Anyatīrthikas,” in *Mahavira and His
Teachings*, ed. A.N. Upadhye, et al. Ahmedabad: Navajivan Press, 1977.

Halbfass, Wilhelm. “Studien zum Sūyagaḍa: Die Jainas und die anderen
Weltanschauungen vor der Zeitenwende. Textteile, Nijjutti, Übersetzung und
Anmerkungen. Teil I. by Willem B. Bollée,” *The Journal of Asian Studies*,
Vol. 39, No. 3 (613-615), 1980.

Kapadia, H. R. “Ethico-Religious Classifications of Mankind as Embodied in
the Jaina Canon,” *Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute*,
Vol. 15, No. 1/2 (97-108), 1933-34.

Good luck,

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> Dear colleagues,
> As I am preparing a thesis chapter on Jaina Doxography, I am seeking the
> most up to date and relevant publications (articles and books) on the
> historical developments of rationality and epistemology in Jainism.
> I am particularly seeking information about:
> 1. the role and function of dialectic in Jaina soteriology
> 2. the historical context which led Jainas to involve themselves in
> debates and controversies with their opponents (particularly in the
> centuries before and during Haribhadra's time)
> I find it particularly difficult to avail myself of data on the second
> point.
> Any suggestions on any of these two point would be greatly appreciated.
> Most kindly,
> Karl-Stephan Bouthillette
> Doctoral Fellow
> Institute for Indology and Tibetology
> Department of Asian Studies
> Ludwig-Maximilians-University
> Munich
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