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Greg Bailey Greg.Bailey at latrobe.edu.au
Mon Nov 6 00:50:31 UTC 2017

Dear Lost,

A friend who is not on the list asked me for some information about this brief story which he believes may be expressed in a few ślokas. It strikes me that it may come from somewhere in the Kath?sarits?gara. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I am writing to get some reference to a Sanskrit stanza (Shloka) which
relates to an ancient Indian story.  To put this in context the story
goes as follows:

An itinerant trader leaves a bowl made of gold for safe-keeping with a
friend, to look after it while he is away.  On his return, the trader
finds that the friend had substituted the bowl to one of brass.  The
trader realizes that he had been cheated but says nothing.  Years later
the friend asks the trader to teach his son the art of trading.  The
trader takes the son to his home.  A few years later, the friend comes
to pick his son, but finds to his horror the son tied to a tree like a
monkey and trained to act like one.  Aghast, the friend asks what
happened.  And the trader replies, "Just like gold can turn to brass, so
can a boy turn to a monkey".

There is, I believe, a Sanskrit shloka which tells this story in verse.
I am looking for a reference to the Sanskrit text.


Greg Bailey

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