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Dear Prof Knudsen,

You might be interested in having a look at the following:

For mirrors as material objects in South Asia:

Srinivasan, Sharda. (2008) ‘Mirrors: Metal Mirrors from India’, in
of the History of Science and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures*, eds.
Helaine Selin, pp. 1699-1704, Springer Netherlands.

Vassilkov, Yaroslav. V. (2010) ‘Pre-Maurya “Rattle-Mirror” with Artistic
Designs from Scythian Burial Mounds of the Altai Region in the Light of
Sanskrit Sources’, *Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies*, Vol. 17, No. 3.

Pendergrast, Mark. (2004) *Mirror, A History of the Human Love Affair with
Reflection*, Basic Books, New York. (only a few portions may be relevant)

Cultural significance of and imagery involving mirrors: (South Asia):

Bentor, Yael. (1995) ‘On the Symbolism of the Mirror in Indo-Tibetan
Consecration Rituals’, *Journal of Indian Philosophy*, pp. 23, 57-71.

Bansat-Boudon, Lyne. (1992) ‘Le coeur-miroir: Remarques sur la théorie
indienne de l'expérience esthétique et ses rapports avec le théâtre’, In *Les
Cahiers de Philosophie*, No. 14, 1992, “L’Orient de la pensée, pp. 135-154.

Granoff, Phyllis & Shinohara, Koichi. (eds.) (2004) *Images in Asian
Religions: Texts and Contexts*, University of British Columbia Press,

Granoff, Phyllis. (1998) ‘Maitreya’s Jewelled World: Some Remarks on Gems
and Visions in Buddhist Texts’, *Journal of Indian Philosophy* 26: pp.

Granoff, Phyllis. (2001) ‘Portraits, Likenesses and Looking Glasses: Some
Literary and Philosophical Reflections on Representation and Art in
Medieval India’ In Ja Assmann and Albert L. Baumgarten, eds., *Representation
in Religion: Studies in Honor of Moshe Barasch* (Leiden: Brill, 2001).

Granoff, Phyllis. (2004) ‘Images and Their Ritual Use in Medieval India:
Hesitations and Contradictions’, In Granoff, Phyllis & Shinohara, Koichi.
(eds.) *Images in Asian Religions: Texts and Contexts*, University of
British Columbia Press, Vancouver. pp. 19-50.

Orofino, Giacomella (1994) ‘Divination with Mirrors. Observations on a
Smilie in the Kālacakra Literature’. Oslo. In the *Tibetan Studies,
Proceedings of the 6th Seminar of the International for Tibetan Studies*,
Figurines, 1992.

Preisendanz, K. (1989).  ‘On ātmendriyamanorthasannikarṣa and the
Nyāya-Vaiśeṣika Theory of Vision’, *Berliner Indologische Studien* 4-5,
p. 141-213.

Wawrytko, Sandrea. A. (2007) ‘Holding Up the Mirrors to Buddha-nature:
Discerning the Ghee in the Lotus Sūtra’, *Dao: A Journal of Comparative
Philosophy* (Fall, 2007)

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Vol. 7, No. 3/4, Sanskrit issue (Fall-Winter 1971), pp. 209-213.

Wayman, Alex. (1984) ‘The Mirror as a Pan-Buddhist Metaphor-Simile.
Buddhist Insight’*:*  *Essays by Alex Wayman (Buddhist Tradition Series
Vol.7).* George R. Elder (ed., intro.). Motilal Banarsidass Publishers
Private Limited: Delhi, 129-152.

Other general recommended readings:

Anderson, Miranda., Ed. (2007) *The Book of the Mirror: An
Interdisciplinary Collection exploring the Cultural Story of the Mirror*,
Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Bensen Cain, Rebecca. (2012) ‘Plato on Mimesis and Mirrors’, *Philosophy
and Literature*, 36: pp. 187–195.

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Approaches to Enlightenment in Chinese Thought’ (*Buddhist Tradition Series
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Enoch, Jay. M. (2006) ‘History of Mirrors Dating Back 8000 Years’, In
and Vision Science*, American Academy of Optometry, Vol. 83, No. 10, pp.

Keeler, Annabel. (2006) ‘Ṣūfī tafsīr as a Mirror: al-Qushayrī the murshid
in his Laṭā’if al-ishārāt’ in *Journal of Qur’anic Studies*. Vol. 8, No. 1
(2006), pp. 1-21.

Lai, Whalen. (1979) ‘Ch'an metaphors: Waves, water, mirror, lamp’, *Philosophy
East and West*, 29:3 (1979, July) pp. 243

Loewe, Michael. (2002) ‘Dated Inscriptions on Certain Mirrors (A.D. 6-105):
Genuine or Fabricated?’ in *Early China*, Vol. 26/27 (2001-2002), pp.

Lusthaus, Dan. (1985) ‘Ch'an and Taoist Mirrors: Reflections on Richard
Garner's "Deconstruction of the Mirror..."’, In *Journal of Chinese
Philosophy,* V. 12, pp. 169-178.

Papaioannou, Strastis. (2010) ‘Byzantine Mirrors: Self-Reflection in
Medieval Greek Writing’, *Dumbarton Oaks Papers*, Vol. 64. pp. 81-101.

Terras, Rita. (1975) ‘Goethe’s Use of the Mirror Image’, *Monatshefte*,
Vol. 67, No. 4 (Winter, 1975), pp. 387-402.

I hope this helps.


Mrinal Kaul

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> Dear all,
> Would anyone know of any studies of mirrors in ancient and medieval India?
> I’m interested in materials used for and shapes of mirrors, as well as the
> cultural significance of and imagery involving mirrors.
> Many thanks in advance.
> Best wishes,
> Toke
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