[INDOLOGY] Sources on Relationship btw Oral/Literary Traditions

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Ludo Rocher, "Law Books in an Oral Culture: The Indian Dharmaśāstras," 
/Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society /137 (1993): 103–117; 
reprinted in his /Studies in Hindu Law and Dharmaśāstra/, ed. by Donald 
R. Davis, Jr, 2012, 103–117.

Rosane Rocher

On 11/2/17 5:21 PM, Mark McLaughlin via INDOLOGY wrote:
> Dear Indology mind-hive,
> I have an undergraduate student who is interested in writing a paper 
> on questions of oral and literary traditions. I would like to solicit 
> your opinions on potential sources for her. Please see her message 
> below for a more detailed delineation of her questioning.
> Many thanks in advance!
> Mark
> Professor McLaughlin,
> I read through a little more of the Pollock book last night to get a 
> better feel for some questions. I think generally this is what I'm 
> thinking:
> What is the difference and relationship between the oral and literary 
> tradition? How has that relationship evolved with the emergence of 
> written texts, vernacularization, and the subsequent privileging of 
> textual sources by the colonial West and the Academy? Who is excluded 
> and/or included by the privileging of one kind of knowledge over the 
> other? For scholars, what kind of nuanced understanding of literacy 
> should be sought or acknowledged given that "to be literate" can mean 
> different things in different cultures?
> Let me know if this sounds like what I was talking about the other day!
> Best,
> Emma
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