[INDOLOGY] Accessing Muktabodha Digital Library by users with Mac computers.

Harry Spier hspier.muktabodha at gmail.com
Thu May 18 21:01:30 UTC 2017

Dear list members,

One of the list members has informed me that when he accesses the Gokarna
Vedic Collection of the Muktabodha Digital Library with a Mac and the
Safari browser when he clicks on the pdf link to a manuscript instead of a
pdf file opening with photos of the manuscript he gets gibberish text.

I am able to access the pdf's of the manuscripts with windows with no

Would it be possible for a list member who has a mac and safari to try to
access pdf's of the Gokarna Vedic collection and tell me if he gets a pdf
of the manuscript or if he also gets gibberish.

The direct link to the Gokarna Vedic collection is:

Harry Spier
Manager, Muktabodha Digital Library

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