[INDOLOGY] Patanjali in the Puranas?

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Have you ruled out Ramabhadra Diksita's *Patanjalicarita*

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> Dear Colleagues,
> In the preface to his interpretation of the Yoga-sutra (1889), the
> theosophist W.Q. Judge writes,
> "About Patanjali's life very little, if anything, can be said. In the
> Rudra Jamala, the Vrihannandikes'wara and the Padma-Purana are some meager
> statements, more or less legendary, relating to his birth. Ilavrita-Varsha
> is said to have been his birthplace, his mother being Sati the wife of
> Angiras. The tradition runs that upon his birth he made known things past,
> present and future, showing the intellect and penetration of a sage while
> yet an infant. He is said to have married one Lolupa, whom he found in the
> hollow of a tree on the north of Sumeru, and thereafter to have lived to a
> great age. On one occasion, being insulted by the inhabitants of
> Bhotabhandra while he was engaged in religious austerities, he reduced them
> to ashes by fire from his mouth."
> Has anyone located these or other similar stories of Patanjali?
> Sincerely,
> Måns Broo
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