[INDOLOGY] Ismail Jogi mantra

Artur Karp karp at uw.edu.pl
Tue May 9 16:12:23 UTC 2017

Five years ago I sent to the List this question:

<< Mantras in popular Indian magic books - of indrajala type - invoke often
two mysterious personages: Ismail Jogi and Nuna/Nona/Luna/Lona Chamarin.

Has anyone written a paper on them. A monograph - perhaps?>>

​There was no answer.

One such mantra runs as follows:

*Oṁ namo kāmrū des kāmākhyā devī*

*Tahāṁ base ismāil jogī*

*Ismāil jogi ke tīn beṭā*

*Ek toṛe ek pichoṛe*

*Ek śīt tijārī goḍe*

I am not sure about the meaning of this mantra.

Ismail Jogi (contradictio in adiecto) had three sons:

one aborted (?), one retarded (?)

one coolly (?) in your (?) womb.

I would be grateful for your comments,

Artur Karp (ret.)

Chair of South Indian Studies,

University of Warsaw



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