[INDOLOGY] Gerrit Jan Meulenbeld (28/5/1928 - 26/3/2017)

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Wed Mar 29 10:56:10 UTC 2017

Dear colleagues,

I am very sad to hear the news of the demise of Prof. Meulenbeld.
I was first inspired by his book on Mādhavanidāna and then
by the monumental book A History of Indian Medical Literature.
Although he passed away, his achievements will be alive forever.

Michio Yano
Professor emeritus,
Kyoto Sangyo University

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> Dear Colleagues,
> It is with great sadness that I inform you that Gerrit Jan Meulenbeld
> passed away on March 26th at the age of 88. The cremation will take 
> in Groningen this Friday.
> Jan Meulenbeld was one of the great Dutch Indologists of his 
> His monumental 5-volume A History of Indian Medical Literature (1999-
> stands as lasting testimony of his profound work on the history of
> Āyurveda.
> A list of his publications may be found here:
> https://www.dutchstudies-satsea.nl/deelnemers/meulenbeld-gerrit-jan/
> Peter Bisschop
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