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The most original interpretation of this famous passage is by the late Ronald Morton Smith.
"What Was One's Own Language? Vinaya 2.139". The article can be found in
Contacts between Cultures: South Asia 2 (Selected Papers  from the 33rd International Congress 
of Asian and North African  Studies (Toronto, Aigust 15-25, 1990). Ed. by  K.L. Koppedrayer,
Lewiston 1992, pp, 240-241

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> In fact, Buddha always insisted on delivering his teachings in Ardha-Magadhi Prakrit ,which was 
> the local vernacular in around Magadha.
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andhaµ tama˙ pravißanti ye ‘vidyåm upåsate tato bhËya iva te tamo ya u vidyåyåµ ratå˙ ||
B®hadåraˆyaka Upanisad IV.4.10

“Those who worship ignorance enter into blind darkness.  Those who are devoted to knowledge enter, as it were, into a greater darkness.”



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