[INDOLOGY] A Reference from N.N. Bhattacharyya (1982)

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Dear Indologists,

Maybe someone can help me in checking a passage

I need to check an indirect reference to

Narendra Nath Bhattacharyya,* History of the Tantric Religion: A
Historical, Ritualistic and Philosophical Study* (New Delhi: Manhoar,
1982), p. v:

"In the greatest of all [*pIThas*], the *yoginI-pITha*, the religion is
considered to be that of the *kirAtas*. There is no renunciation or long
[penance] in KAmarUpa, O Beloved. Meat is not forsaken there, and there is
no celibicy ...In KAmarUpa, ducks, pigeons, tortoises, and boars are eaten"

I found this qute in Hugh B Urban, *The Power of Tantra: Religion,
Sexuality and the Politics of South Asian Studies* (New York: I.E. Tauris,
2010), 45.

I argue that Bhattacharyya based its affirmations on *YoginI Tantra*, but I
would like to know if there is any bibliographical note for this short


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