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A student who is not on the list has posed this question, and I do not have clear answers. If any of you has some information, he would be very grateful. Here is the query:

I am currently writing a senior thesis under Sheldon Pollock on the Byzantine text Barlaam and Iōasaph and its Sanskrit analogues, specifically the Buddhacarita. It is important to my argument to demonstrate that the Buddhacarita was likely to have influenced a lost version of the Buddha legend which made its way into Arabic through a Middle Persian intermediary in the eighth century. My best evidence for the Buddhacarita's widespread popularity so far are the fragments of Aśvaghoṣa at Turfan and a reference to Aśvaghoṣa in Ratnaśrījñāna's commentary on Daṇḍin's Kāvyalakṣaṇa. My question for you is whether you are aware of any textual references to the Buddhacarita that might bolster this argument.

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