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The word jaapyam is used in the sense of delay, lethargy etc.

S'ani , also called as manda = the slow one, is believed to cause slowness
through his astrological effects.

*śanidṛṣṭau tu jāpyatā *is matching with that understanding.

But *jāpyatā nāma kutsito roga *is intriguing.

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> I once again turn to the vaidyavids on this list in hope of enlightenment.
> Balabhadra in his 17th-century *Hāyanaratna* writes of an astrological
> configuration:
> *atra tejaḥsiṃhena samarasiṃhena ca śanidṛṣṭiṃ vinā rūkṣādirogāḥ proktāḥ |
> śanidṛṣṭau tu jāpyatā nāma kutsito roga uktaḥ | *
> 'On this [matter], Tejaḥsiṃha and Samarasiṃha state that [even] without
> the aspect of Saturn, there are diseases such as dryness, but if Saturn
> aspects, there is said to be the vile disease called *jāpyatā*.'
> Does anyone know what condition this might be? I have so far found only
> one other occurrence of *jāpyatā*, in Varāhamihira's *Yogayātrā* (10.57),
> which is not very illuminating:
> *dakṣiṇe śubham atīva śobhanaṃ pāpam apy ativirūpam anyataḥ |*
> *jāpyatā bhavati tadviparyaye vistaro 'nyamunibhiḥ prakīrtitaḥ ||*
> The alternative word division *jāpyatānām akutsito *seems likewise
> unpromising.
> Martin Gansten
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