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Dear all

I'd be grateful for any assistance in identifying the source of this 
quotation. This śloka is quoted in a Tamil inscription (South Indian 
Inscriptions, Vol.I, N° 43, p.70) dated 1566-67 A.D., in Grantha script. 
I have transliterated the verse below:

“dānapālanayormadhye dānācchreyonupālanam
dānāt svargamavāpnoti pālanādacyutam padam”

This is translated by Hultzsch as:
“Of a gift and protection, protection is more meritorious than a gift; 
by a gift (one) obtains (only) heaven, by protection the eternal abode”.

Thank you in advance.
**Appasamy Murugaiyan*
*École Pratique des Hautes Études*
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