[INDOLOGY] Vasavadatta Manuscript Details from NCC at Oxford

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Dear Dr Krishna Prasad,

In the NCC all references to Bodleian manuscripts described in Aufrecht’s catalogue provide the page and column in the catalogue, not the shelfmark. In this case, on page 156, column b two manuscripts of the Vasavadatta are described. The first one is MS Wilson 37, which contains only the text of the Vasavadatta, while the second is MS Wilson 328b, which contains Jagaddhara’s commentary to the Vasavadatta.

In case you would like to check the description of the manuscripts, you can consult the digitized version at this address: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/ACCScan/2013/web/index.php, or download a PDF file from the Online Library of Digitized Sanskrit and Prakrit Manuscript Catalogues (http://catalogues.indology.info/).

You can contact me directly at this e-mail address off-list, I will be able to tell you how to access the manuscript and/or order digital reproductions.

Best wishes,

Camillo Formigatti


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Dear friends
I am trying to find the MSS Oxf. 156b. which is the details
 of Vasavadata- Jagaddhara commentary
Abbreviated list shows for ' Oxf' is
" Catalogus Codicum Sanscriticorum Bibliothecae Bodeleianne, Compiled by Th. Aufret, Oxford, 1864.
I don't know how exactly do I proceed to procure the Manuscripts.
Any pointers will be highly admired.
Krishna Prasad
PhD Research Scholar
Karnataka Sanskrit University

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