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Thank you, Andrew.

On 9 July 2017 at 20:09, Andrew Ollett <andrew.ollett at gmail.com> wrote:

> Gladly:
> 2.  http://www.brill.com/brill-open-0.  Brill also allows for proofs (not
> the final publication) to be uploaded on academia.edu.
> 3.  No processing fee.

​One would never expect to pay a processing fee except if the article​ is
being published OA.  And in that case, yes, Brill charges about €2000 per
article for CC-BY.  See the pricing charts here

A related question is whether, having paid this fee, the author retains
copyright and issues the CC-BY license, or whether Brill takes the
copyright and the author's money, and they issue the CC-BY license.  The
latter is the case with this journal.

> 4.  Yes, Brill owns the right, but permissions for reprint are rather
> easily granted:  http://www.brill.com/about/policies/rights-permissions

​I balk at asking permission to photocopy my own articles.  It's just not
right.  A more equitable situation is for the author to retain copyright
and issue to the publisher a license for them to do specifically what they
wish.  See some sample licenses and information here

In the past, I have written to Brill saying "no" they can't have my
copyright, but that I'm willing to issue them a license.  And to my
surprise, they said yes immediately, and sent me a ready-printed license
agreement.  The terms weren't great, but at least they knew what I was
talking about and were prepared to let me keep copyright of my own work.

Sadly, because of the above issues, I personally do not find this new
journal offers authors a modern, fair deal.  It's obviously an exciting and
intellectually valuable initiative.  But it is a great pity the founding
editors did not press Brill harder to offer authors a more liberal deal
that respected their rights.



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